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M-DCPS recognizes that engaging families is an important  means to build and strengthen partnerships between home, school and the District so that all students are successful.  As such, our mission is to support strong, continuing family and community involvement in all aspects of school programs and activities.

Enjoy the latest issue of "Connection," Miami-Dade County Public Schools' newsletter for parents!
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Parent Connection Newsletter

April 2022 English Español Ayisyen Kreyò
March 2022 English Español Ayisyen Kreyò
February 2022 English Español Ayisyen Kreyò
January 2022 English Español  Ayisyen Kreyòl
December 2021 English Español  Ayisyen Kreyòl
November 2021 English Español  Ayisyen Kreyòl
October 2021 English Español  Ayisyen Kreyòl
September 2021 English Español  Ayisyen Kreyòl
August 2021 English Español  Ayisyen Kreyòl
July 2021  English  Español  Ayisyen Kreyòl
June 2021 English  Español  Ayisyen Kreyòl
May 2021   English  Español  Ayisyen Kreyòl
April 2021    English    Español  Ayisyen Kreyòl
March 2021   English  Español  Ayisyen Kreyòl
February 2021   English  Español  Ayisyen Kreyòl
January 2021 English   Español  Ayisyen Kreyòl
December 2020 English   Español  Ayisyen Kreyòl
November 2020 English   Español   Ayisyen Kreyòl
October 2020 English   Español   Ayisyen Kreyòl
September 2020 English   Español   Ayisyen Kreyòl
August 2020 English   Español    Ayisyen Kreyòl


Resources to assist your child throughout the school year


Be an advocate for your child in many different ways


Tools to help you and your child get started in Miami-Dade County Public Schools
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Check out our Family Talk 305 Podcast where we discuss the importance of strong home-school partnerships in our schools.  Click here to listen!

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