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Since its inception in 1978, M-DCPS Partners (formerly Dade Partners) has grown to more than 4,500 entities that have formed thousands of partnerships between their organization and our schools.  Together, these partners continue to share their expertise and provide our schools a multitude of resources.


We recognize that it takes continued support from our community to help us to accomplish our strategic goals.  Our partnerships take many forms and may include: 

  • Adopting a School 

  • Mentoring 

  • Tutoring

  • Financial or in-

    kind donations
  • College and career exploration

  • Internship opportunities for students

  • Staff professional development

  • Club or Athletic Team Sponsor

Interested in Becoming a M-DCPS Partner?

Complete the following survey and you will be contacted by the Office of Community Engagement or a school-site M-DCPS Partners Liaison to discuss a possible partnership.

M-DCPS Partners Interest Form

M-DCPS Partners who are willing to "adopt" a school and allow for maximum flexibility in the ways they give and support are often the most valuable to schools. Establishing what may become a longstanding relationship between a business or organization and school leads to maximum benefit for all.

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