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School Volunteer Registration Process  Español   Kreyòl


School Volunteers and Mentors

  1. Click on Be a School Volunteer

  2. Fill out the personal information and click SUBMIT

  3. Returning School Volunteers and Mentors will need to re-register each year to become a volunteer or mentor.


If you are a retired or former employee of M-DCPS, we welcome your time, talents, creativity and skill-set. Please click here for information about the Retirees Volunteer in the 305 (RV305).


Fingerprinting Process (Level 2 Volunteers)

For identified high-security positions, Level 2 Volunteers must undergo a full fingerprint check with Miami-Dade County Public Schools.  Please note, you may not begin service until you are cleared at Level 2 and have met the requirements for that position indicated.  Your school or work location will contact you once you have been cleared.


Level 2 Volunteers are listed as the following:

  • District or Region Office Volunteer (District training required, 305-995-2995)

  • Listeners/ Oyentes (Listeners training required, 305-995-2995)

  • Mentor (Mentor Training Required)

  • Overnight Chaperone (all grade levels, school site signature required)

  • Physical Education Assistant (all grade levels, school site signature required)

*Volunteers not listed above are considered Level 1 Volunteers and do not require fingerprinting.


Schedule an appointment with the Fingerprinting Department by clicking here. Please arrive approximately ten minutes before your appointment time at 1450 NE 2nd Avenue, Room 110 Miami, Florida 33132.


  1. Fingerprint Fee Waiver Request (signed the school Principal or work site administrator)

  2. A current government-issued photo identification (Non-expired driver's license, passport, etc.)

  3. Social Security Card (If the card is lost, a pay stub, W-2 or insurance card showing the entire SSN is acceptable. You may also obtain a social security number verification form for a lost card by contacting 1-800-772-1213 or visiting the office nearest you.  In case you were not issued a Social Security Number, please notify the Fingerprinting Department at the time the appointment is made.)

Please allow 7 business days for fingerprint results.


Level 2 Vol.
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