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Special Citation - The Astronauts
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Local Heroes
Special Citation - The Astronauts
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Special Citation - The Astronauts

On October 8, 2012, hundreds of well-wishers gathered at the New World Center in Miami Beach to celebrate fourteen great Miamians and the great teachers who most inspired their success.  Those 14 individuals - the inaugural inductees into the new Miami-Dade County Public Schools Alumni Hall of Fame - exemplify the very best in human achievement, as do the teachers they chose to be recognized alongside them.  As such, they all represent the very best of Miami-Dade County and its public schools. 


Browse through the Commemorative Induction Ceremony Program, browse through each Inducteee Profile, or click on the names of our inductees for an audiovisual tribute to them.  Read and listen, learn and enjoy - and, most of all, be inspired by our rich tradition of excellence.

A panel of community leaders met May 11, 2011 to select the first inductees into the District’s new Alumni Hall of Fame. The panel chose by consensus the following alumni in established categories:

We thank the 2012 Hall of Fame judges for their

diligent deliberations and wise choices.



                        Ms. Sheila Womble, Executive Director                                                    Mr. Robert McCammon, President and CEO
                        Arts for Learning                                                                                                 History Miami


                       Mr. Timothy A. Barber, Executive Director                                                Mr. Raymond Santiago, Director
                       Black Archives History & Research Foundation of South Florida         Miami-Dade County Public Library


                      Mr. William D. Talbert III, President & CEO                                                Mr. Michael Sophia, Executive Director
                      Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau                                               Miami-Dade Sports Commission



Andy Garcia

Oscar-nominated Actor

Miami Beach Senior High School (Class of 1974)

Nautilus Junior High School

Biscayne Elementary School



Jeff Bezos

Founder & CEO, Amazon.com


   Miami Palmetto Senior High School (Class of 1982)


Public Service

Bob Graham

U.S. Senator

Florida Governor


Miami Senior High School

(Class of 1955)

Hialeah Grammar School


Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Wendy Chung

Molecular Geneticist, Columbia University


Miami Killian Senior High School

(Class of 1986)

Glades Junior High School

Kenwood Elementary School



Andre Dawson

Major League Baseball

Hall of Famer


Southwest Miami Senior High School (Class of 1972)

South Miami Junior High School

J.R.E. Lee Elementary School


Singular Achievement

Dorothy Jenkins Fields

Historian, Preservationist,

Retired M-DCPS Librarian


Booker T. Washington High School

(Class of 1960)

Booker T. Washington Junior High School

Phillis Wheatley Elementary School


In addition to naming an inductee in each established category, the panel also chose to award a special citation to the four M-DCPS alumni who have flown in space as U.S. astronauts:

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Capt. Winston Scott

Space Shuttle Endeavor

Coral Gables Senior High School

(Class of 1968)

George Washington Carver Junior High Scoool

Frances S. Tucker Elementary School

Rear Admiral

Thomas K. "Ken" Mattingly

Apollo 16, 

Mami Edison Senior High School

(Class of 1954)

Hialeah Junior High School

Miami Springs Elementary Scool

Dominic Lee Gorie

Pilot and Commander, Space Shuttle Discovery,

Miami Palmetto Senior High School

(Class of 1975)

Palmetto Junior High School

Dr. William B. "Bill" Lenoir

Space Shuttle Columbia

Coral Gables Senior High School

(Class of 1957)

Ponce de Leon Junior High School

Coral Gables Elementary School


Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho also has identified four alumni to be inducted as “Local Heroes” for their accomplishments, as well as their service to Miami-Dade County and students.  Those individuals are:

Ron Magill

Naturalist, Wildlife Educator

Miami Palmetto Senior High 

(Class of 1977)

Cutler Ridge Junior High School

Juan del Busto

Miami Regional Executive, Federal Resrve Bank of Atlanta

Miami Coral Park Senior High School

(Class of 1972)

West Miami Junior High School

Coral Terrace Elementary School

Miramar Elementary School

Brad Meltzer

Best Selling Author, Television host

& Producer

North Miami Senior High 

(Class of 1988)

Highland Oaks Junior High

Barrington Irving

Aviator, Aviation Educator

Miami Northwestern Senior High School

(Class of 2002)

Norland Middle School

Parkview Elementary School